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Altair Partner Alliance to offer new software solutions for the maritime industry


proteusds_apaThe Altair Partner Alliance announced the addition of Dynamic Systems Analysis, Ltd.’s (DSA) ProteusDS and ShipMo3D to its software offering.
ProteusDS is used to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current, and waves. ShipMo3D models the interactions of ships and offshore structures with waves and the marine environment.
“Altair provides many tools and solutions for the maritime industry and we are continually searching for ways to increase value to our customers,” said Molly Heskitt, Senior Director of Business Development, Marine and Shipbuilding Industry at Altair. “Working with DSA to provide access to their unique offerings in hydrodynamics and ship design is a great example of how Altair’s Partner Program can provide that additional value.”
ProteusDS is a full featured hydrodynamic, mechanical and marine dynamic analysis software package. It is customizable, validated, efficient, and aims to reduce risk. Using advanced time and frequency domain options, ShipMo3D can analyze freely manoeuvring ships and other floating structures in a variety of sea states. With a wealth of features and models, ShipMo3D is capable of enhancing in-house analysis, design and system optimization capabilities.
“DSA has always been a simulation driven company. Simulation throughout every phase of a project can reduce risk and optimize solutions,” said Dean Steinke, Co-founder & Director of Operations at DSA. “Altair’s shared commitment of this vision is why DSA joining the Altair Partner Alliance makes so much sense. It is going to be exciting to see what Altair’s users can accomplish with our software using complementary applications such as HyperMesh®!”
DSA software is used across many industries including marine, offshore, subsea and inshore. Thanks to its highly customizable design, DSA software allows the assessment of unique applications while still providing accurate results.  Data can even be exported from ShipMo3D to ProteusDS to simulate large floating or submerged structures as a part of complex moored systems.
An introductory webinar for DSA will be held on November 9 at 10 a.m. ET.


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