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Big Italian brands and Ucina towards a common strategy on the boat shows


giovanna_vitelliIt seems that an agreement is finally being found among the big brands of the Italian nautical industry and the association Ucina Confindustria Nautica. Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President of the Azimut-Benetti Group, during a manifestation at Artissima, confirmed that they will be building together a shared strategy for the boat shows, adding that such a collaboration has become possible “also thanks to the good work done by the Minister of the Economic Development. If in Italy we really want to help the nautical industry and invest public resources in a useful way for the sector, this is the right way.” According to Vitelli, Italy needs a cultural adjustment on all that relates to the economy of the sea. “It’s time to create the nautical industry sector – she said -. Our group, for instance, counts two thousands direct employees, and two thousands indirect employees. And despite that, to renew the contract we are half mechanical engineers, half for Rubber and Plastics. There is an objective theme in work organisation”.