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The Lumiere, an immersive cinema concept by Genesis Marine Division and Van Geest


lumiere-immersive-cinemaGenesis and Van Geest launched the concept born from for their latest collaboration: ‘The Lumiere’, (just like the Lumière brothers, the French pioneers of film-making) a performing immersive cinema design.
“The idea behind ‘The Lumiere’ concept was to find a way to truly immerse yourself in the movie and for the room to become one with the projection, with its lighting and the resonating images and sound”, said Pieter Van Geest, CEO Van Geest Design. ‘We aim to create that one special room on a yacht or in your home where boundaries of a small space are erased and your senses are awakened”.
Entering untapped territory in immersive design and technology, the cinema is equipped with image projection by Barco DCI compliant projectors and features the exclusive Bel Air Cinema ‘Day & Date’ service, offering movies, concerts and sports events at the very time they hit the box office. The ambient video and surrounding lighting effects are created through Philips’ LightVibes synching the on-screen content to the panels. Some DCI content is already scripted by Philips in cooperation with Hollywood studios, alternatively content for walls and ceilings can be generated with a patented interpolation algorithm. Any content can be scripted according to the owner’s expectations. The cinema supports any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D speaker set-up in the Genesis high-end speaker portfolio.
“The Lumière is the next generation private theatre; it is an additional dimension in entertainment and luxury,” says Torsten Steinbrecher, General Manager Genesis Technologies and CEO Genesis Marine Division.
‘The Lumiere’ is ready to be installed by a limited number of trusted Genesis Marine Division integrators.