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MAST launched MAST Cyber, a new cyber assurance service for superyachts


mastMAST, the international maritime risk management company, recently launched a new cyber assurance service for superyachts as a response to the increased threat posed by cyber criminals.
Superyachts are at risk of individual or group hacking to vessel management systems or entertainment and business platforms.
MAST Cyber has been created in partnership with Aprose Solutions, the cyber security and resilience specialist, and the two firms will keep on the collaboration to ensure a more secure maritime environment.
Delegates from MAST also attended the Global Superyacht Forum held in Amsterdam last week.
Alex Waite, Commercial Director of Technical Security Division at MAST, commented: “Superyachts are very much at risk of being targeted by cyber criminals given the nature of their owners and the value of wealth onboard, be that through possessions or information. Our new ‘MAST Cyber’ offering can help mitigate many of these risks and protect vessels, their owners and guests from attacks, providing that level of comfort and reassurance which many desire.”

MAST Cyber services
– Technical vulnerability assessment of the on-board systems and their integration;
– Development of a flexible and resilient security model future-proofed for ease of use;
– Technical assurance that on-board systems are secured in compliance with best practice;
– Development of a comprehensive cyber security management plan;
– On-board penetration testing of hardened platforms;
– Specialist cyber support to the design, build and fit out phases of the project to ensure security is implicit and evolutionary;
– MAST Red Team attack simulation.
The new offering provides such services thanks to Mast’s National Cyber Security Centre (GCHQ) accredited team.