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The Italian superyacht industry is the world leader


marina di Genova aeroportoThe Italian superyacht industry is the world leader in 2016, with a total of 424 large yachts sold, the 43% of the global orders. Lorenzo Policardo, Nautica Italiana’s Secretary-general, showed and commented data at the event “Boating industry and challenges for Genoa” organised by Propeller Club.
“The area around Genoa is considered the most important location in the world for superyacht services, after market and refit. The refit demand from now on until 2020 is growing in all sectors, superyachts included: in twenty years the fleet has tripled, getting to 5.400 hulls” Pollicardo explained. The Mediterranean area is also one of the world renowned destinations for superyachts both in the high season (70% of the fleet) and as home port in the low season (56%), which means a lot for local territories. In 2016 there have been 7.500 touristic arrivals to the Italian coasts, with an average stay of 2,8 days: the 95% of boats are Italian-flagged, and the 98% of guests onboard are from abroad.
“Genoa, which has created maybe the first waterfront in Europe and has dedicated it to the nautical industry, which has two excellent marinas, a leader in refit among the first three in the world such as the shipyards Amico, Tankoa, Mariotti. The Genoa Boat Show doesn’t start from zero, it has great opportunities and it will have to balance all these aspects”, Pollicardo said.