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Owner balcony: “Room with a view”



pincraftPin-Craft balcony “returns” towards a true contact with the sea. Element of great value, fully automatic and fully integrated with yacht itself. The goal of this project is to get a component which allows the owner to get a direct, true, contact with the sea.The design efforts have made it possible to manufacture a large window that allows you to “take a look”  at the sea panorama even with balcony in its closed position by keeping activated, at the same time, all the automatisms for an  immediate availability of the balcony with all the comfort and in complete safety. An hydraulic motion system, compact and solid , provides the opening of the shipboard;  the supporting structures, entirely built in stainless steel, allow  the balcony a load capacity  of 250 kg / m2. At the opening of the balcony, given the use of an innovative automated system, the window get covered by a teak plan which  restores the full availability of the whole balcony area creating a safe step plane. Handrails in polished stainless steel round off the balcony finishing the structure and ensuring complete safety . The system is designed and made completely custom.

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