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Guidi/Tecnoseal antifouling system



guidiTecnoseal, a Tuscan company based in Grosseto and Guidi, one of the leading world companies in naval accessories, producing anti-blocking valves, sea cocks, discharges, filters and joints, have joined forces to develop a new antifouling system. The kit makes it possible to eliminate, in the water/sea circuit of boats, the problem of the formation of encrustation caused by marine fouling present in seawater. All boats suck in seawater through their sea cocks during navigation: this is then conveyed into the piping of the water/sea circuit of the boat and brings with it impurities (particulate, marine vegetation, microorganisms, fragments of mussles and acorn shells etc) that form in the seacock. This fouling can cause encrustations, reducing the diameter of the pipes (cooling, refrigeration or air conditioning pipes) and hence their capacity, damaging them or at least compromising their operation.

The Tecnoseal-Guidi consists of:

  • control unit
  • anode
  • filter

and can prevent the formation of fouling: the power unit creates an electrolytic reaction that dissolves the anodes (in copper, aluminium or iron) installed in the filter. The dissolving of the anode into the water in the circuit prevents fouling, removing the risk of marine bioencrustations: the modular control unit makes it possible to work at low amperage and can be interfaced with other electronic systems on board. The system was created mainly for mega yachts and developed for the yards that build them but, and this is perhaps the most interesting characteristic, it can be custom-made and so installed on medium-sized yachts (of more than 10 m) even during laying up. Ease of installation, remote control, maintenance reduced to a minimum, low costs of investment and spare parts how the other advantages of this innovative kit. The combination of the abilities of two Italian companies that are leaders in their sectors has led to the creation of a high level solution combining technology, reliability and flexibility of use.