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Repower takes part to e-MOTICON, introducing the first charging circuit made up by private businesses


recIt is named Ricarica 101 (101 Dalmatians) the project dedicated to the diffusion of fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Repower launched it less than 3 months ago and it has already reached some important results. The idea is simple: gathering at least 101 Italian excellences around a circuit that let the driver travels Italy by an electric vehicle. Several businesses believed in the project: starred restaurants, luxury hotels, touristic ports and many other structures with the same positioning and attention paid to electric mobility. All members of Ricarica 101 will get PALINA BURRASCA , 22kW power, which can offer a fast charge up to two vehicles at the same time.

Ricarica 101 represents a unique best practice in the Italian market, an innovative solution that actively supports the diffusion of fast charging stations, focusing also on the visibility produced by the presence of so many Italian excellences. This way electric mobility becomes a key asset for members’ businesses, offering a distinguishing and synergic new service. A circuit made up of pioneers and meant to grow. Centre of the project remains PALINA, Repower charging station that, thanks to its technology and design, becomes a communication instrument and an urban adorning element.

An experience worth to be told

e-MOTICON (e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable  COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space) is a project that RSE, Ricerca Sistema Elettrico, presented according to the European programme Interreg – Alpine Space in order to improve the collaboration, among countries bordering the Alps, in the field of electric mobility.

e-MOTICON aims at taking a picture of the most interesting technologies and initiatives presently active in the market. These best practices will contribute to the elaboration of a common strategy for the Alpine Space whose target is to realize an interoperable and connected ev network. Repower has been asked to take part to this project, as an external observer, to tell his point of view about electric mobility, sector where it is active since 2010.


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