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World’s fastest superyacht concept by Barracuda Yacht Design


The Barracuda Yacht Design studio has presented its latest concept, aiming to break the record for the fastest superyacht in the world. The concept, a 33.53-metre planing yacht, has been developed during the past three years.
Both the hull and the superstructure were designed to be built from pre-preg carbon fibre to keep the weight as low as possible, while the custom deck hardware is to be in titanium.
The yacht will be powered by a diesel propulsion system, instead of gas turbines usually favoured by other super-fast yachts in order to cut down on maintenance.
When in mono-hull mode, this yacht is expected to be able to reach a speed of  70 knots. The current world record for speed for a superyacht is 70.1 knots, held by the 41.4-metre Izar yacht Foners: a pair of hydrofoils will allow the new concept to exceed such a record with an expected top speed of 75 knots.
Interior comfort has also been taken care of: the yacht will feature all the amenities usually found on a luxury flybridge yacht, such as a generous sundeck and a sheltered cockpit. The vessel will comfortably accommodate up to eight guests and a crew of four.
Íñigo Toledo of Barracuda Yacht Design estimates that the entire project could be completed in 24 months, adding: “We did not find a single yard which could do everything together, so there is going to be plenty of coordination needed.”


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