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Gunboat 68, a luxury performance cruiser featuring VPLP design


Gunboat 68, the first new Gunboat model after the brand was bought by Grand Large Yachting, was unveiled in Annapolis last October.
Gunboat, the US company specialising in luxury super-fast carbon catamarans and one of sailing’s most daring and innovative brands, was in several danger of bankruptcy last year, and its rights and assets (excluding the G4 foiling catamaran) were bought at auction by Grand Large Yachting.
The French owners consulted Gunboat owners and skippers to gather ideas on how to develop and improve the range: this lead to a collaboration with VPLP a studio specialising in multihull vessels.
Designed to travel at the impressive nautical range of 500 miles per day and to take part in one-design fleet racing, Gunboat 68 boasts several smart and innovative features. The cruiser features sleek lines and reverse bows inspired by VPLP’s record-breaking 100ft trimaran MACIF, as well as a very practical modular layout and saloon interior.
Solar panels fitted on the roof will allow to run on sufficient green power to do without a generator. A ‘semi-walkthough’ cockpit and tillers and bucket seats for outside steering as well as Gunboat’s customary inside steering position will allow for comfortable manoeuvrability. Various performance options are available: curved asymmetric or symmetric dagger boards; a long or short longeron (midships beam and bowsprit); long or short boom; rotating wing-mast or fixed rig.