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A wide range of traditional and high performance braids and ropes for any kind of boats, ships and sails.


A particular care is given to the sail sector, where we offer a wide choice of products. During the 2015, Treccificio Borri production processes and high technology machineries for the working of main fibers like Kevlar, Dyneema, Vectran, multifilament Polyester HT, multifilament Polyamide HT, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and natural fibers like cotton and hemp.Among our products, we want to highlight our 151, double braid with Dyneema SK78 core and a mix of Kevlar/Polyester outer braid optimal for its resistance to heat and abrasion, the pure Dyneema SK78 yarn dyed in grey/blue/balck, and the our new 116H, Super Polyester double braid wich with equal diameter offers a 30% higher resistance than the HT Polyester. New for 2017 are the lines and nets for helicopter transport.


VECO: Condensing unit

Built to the highest specification and designed for self-installation, Frigomatic refrigeration systems

Mimi’s fishing boats

Cantiere Mimì is embarking on a bold expansion into international markets while