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Fincantieri Ferretti cooperation agreement signed


A Fincantieri Ferretti cooperation agreement has been signed with the aim to share expertise and marketing and to develop productive synergies.

The agreement relates to the security and defence sector and to the recreational yachting industry, areas in which the two companies have relevant and complementary expertise. Sharing such expertise would lead to significant commercial and industrial synergies.

The Ferretti Group has recently entered the security and defence sector, offering a range of patrol boat designs. Based on the high-speed hulls from the experienced Pershing range developed for the leisure sector, these designs are marketed under the FSD (Ferretti Security and Defence) name. The patrol boats designed range from 15 to 35 metres.

The agreement has been signed by the CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono and the CEO of the Ferretti Group, Alberto Galassi. The two companies share an interconnected market view, and they are committed to put the cooperation into work on specific themes and business opportunities, covering civil and military projects at both national and international level.

“We are very pleased to work together with Ferretti Group because Fincantieri even though it is continuing its internationalization path, does not forget its Italian roots and is keen to network into a system with all the Italian companies that believe to be able to grow together and contribute to their international expansion. In fact, we strongly believe that this agreement will have a significant effect on Italy’s economy demonstrating, once again, that the entire “country system” must be the driver for Italy’s future growth”, commented Giuseppe Bono.

“We are certain that we will be able to develop important synergies that will bring benefits not only to both organizations, but especially to the customers, which are particularly keen on product innovation, reliability of supply and ever more demanding to receive outstanding service level. These factors have become the priority of our strategies and associate us with the vision of Fincantieri’s leadership.” commented Alberto Galassi.