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Armando Mandelli, Lofrans’ customer service manager, retires after 43 years of duty


In a very emotional atmosphere, Lofrans’ team showed its gratitude to Mr. Armando Mandelli due to his forthcoming retirement after 43 years of active duty.

Having been a core executive in many critical positions such as Production Manager, the past few years Mr. Mandelli served Lofrans’ as its customer service manager. Mr. Mandelli has been a liable and effective colleague through the difficult periods of Lofrans’ and the acquisition from Lalizas and then after an integral part of the reengineering team that has propelled Lofrans’ to regain its leading position in the market.

Mr. Mandelli will always be a leading example, a true professional that has showed dedication and integrity towards the market and has connected his name in the creation of a great brand such as Lofrans’.

“Congratulations on your retirement, we wish you a long and joyous retirement”