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Furuno Radar M1815, Furuno’s latest product release


Furuno recently released its latest product, Radar M1815. Radar M1815 is an 8.4” color LCD radar designed for pleasure craft and small fishing boats. The Radar has easy-to-use, intuitive controls, while maintaining the high performance you expect from Furuno products. Even in poor visibility such as fog or storms, the radar produces detailed pictures of coastline and targets at short ranges by utilizing narrow pulses and dual IF bandwidths. The waterproof display makes it ideal for exposed installations, such as fly bridges.
Radar 1815 utilizes Furuno Fast Target Tracking™, True Trail Mode and True View Mode technologies to ensure optimum performance in detecting and ranging targets of interest.


– Compact Radome antenna with 4 kW transmitter output power
– Low power consumption of 38 W at the most
– Easy installation and intuitive operation
– Advanced auto-adjust settings for Gain/Sea clutter/Rain clutter
To display targets clearly and accurately, the gain must be adjusted. The MODEL1815 can do this automatically for you. By automatically adjusting the gain, the radar eliminates unnecessary echoes and displays a clear image.
– Fast Target Tracking™ (TT) function
Fast Target TrackingTM (TT) function manually or automatically acquires and tracks 10 targets. After selecting a target, it only takes a few seconds for a speed and course vector to be displayed. With accurate tracking information, estimation of other vessel’s course and speed is made easier.
– AIS display
When connecting a FURUNO FA-30/50 AIS unit, up to 100 AIS targets can be tracked and displayed on the radar screen. The AIS improves safety during travel by sharing the status and position of your vessel with other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. You can easily read detailed information about other AIS equipped vessels nearby, such as speed and heading.
– True Trail mode
When using the True Trail mode, moving objects will show up on the main screen with a gradational trail. These trails make it possible to see the movement of nearby vessels in the blink of an eye.
Heading data and positional data are required.
– True view mode
– User-programmable function key
– Swivel mounting bracket to adjust the angle of the display unit

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