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The 28th edition of the Pionieri della Nautica Award


The 28th edition of the award Pionieri della Nautica, Pioneers of the Nautical Industry, took place on the first day of the Ucina Satec convention, held in Santa Margherita Ligure on June 16th-17th.

The admiral Giovanni Pettorino, maritime manager of the Liguria – Harbourmaster of Genova and Carla Demaria, Ucina Confindustria Nautica’s president, gave the 28th Pionieri della Nautica awards in the garden of Villa Durazzo:

Fulvio Codecasa won in the category dedicated to “Managers”;
Aldo Cichero in the category “Architects and designers”;
Francesco Banfo in the category “Maestranze”, workforce;
Francesca Lodigiani in the category “Italian journalists”;
Michael Verdon in the category “Foreign journalists”.

On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Pionieri della Nautica Award, a special prize have been dedicated to the memory of Sergio Selva, member of Ucina and entrepreneur in one of the most historic Italian shipyards building rubber dinghies, who died in march this year.

The Pionieri della Nautica Award was created by Ucina in 1988 with the support of the Ministry of the Economical Development and it is aimed at recognising the effort, engagement and ability of men, entrepreneurs, managers, workers and journalists operating in the nautical sector.


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