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neWWave, an innovative 87-metre trimaran concept


neWWave is an innovative 87-metre motor yacht concept created by a British-based young designer, Jaehoon Ahn, who completed it as part of his degree project. The concept has not been presented as a feasible and developed platform. Nonetheless, neWWave represents a quite an interesting study on how possible future interior spaces could be arranged in a different way.

One of the key concepts of the design is the idea of increased maximum ceiling heights, so to change the way indoor spaces are used on board and  how they connect to the exterior. neWWave is thus designed with interior heights of 3.5-metres, reaching up to 8 metres in certain parts of the vessel.

By raising the profile of a vessel, it inherently becomes less stable due to a higher centre of gravity. According to the designer, this can be changed by incorporating a more stable trimaran platform, much like already applied to certain yachts. Using a lightweight aluminium as build material will also help to keep the top weight to a minimum.

The project is designed with the Middle Eastern market in mind, and the interior details and onboard features are created to match the region’s lifestyles. A highly ornate and bright interior makes for a spacious and airy environment. A key space inside is the mosque or prayer room with a ceiling height of 8 metres.

The owner’s apartment overlooks the foredeck and is spread over two decks, with a special cabin for younger children as part of the suite. The suite leads directly up to the sun deck above.