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Arrow460 Granturismo on its maiden voyage


A stunning new 14-metre luxury motor yacht by Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine, the Arrow460 Granturismo, has embarked on its maiden voyage to the Côte d’Azur.

The automotive experts and designers worked closely with world renowned yacht designers Martin Francis and Tommaso Spadolini from Silver Arrows Marine, as well as with Van Oossanen Naval Architects.
Moreover, a network of ‘partners’ has been developed for each aspect of the yacht: Baltic Shipyards in Finland manage the composite and assembly, with Yanmar Europe in the Netherlands working on the engine. First introduced to the industry at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, the team have been testing the prototype models for almost a year.

Drawing inspiration from the Mercedes S-Class, the yacht has classic automobile proportions that bring the hallmark Mercedes onto the water in a highly emotional and dynamic form.
The 14-metre Arrow460 Granturismo combines the performance of Mercedes-Benz sports cars with unique innovations from the boat industry. Paolo Bonaveri, global marketing and communications director for Silver Arrows Marine, defines it as “A small boat that thinks like a superyacht.”

The yacht features a sleek look, long foredeck, a flowing, arched roofline and a slightly descending rear, sides of the hull structured with a feature line descending gently towards the stern. The concave and convex interaction along the entire flank creates a hull that conveys both dynamism and serenity. The overall composition is enhanced by elegant and yet functional details.

The yacht presents itself as an open boat and, at the same time, a hull cabin cruiser: it is equally suitable for day trips and overnight stays on board.
The Arrow460 Granturismo features retractable dining tables, king-size bed and can hold up to 10 people on board. The large side windows are retractable, and the windscreen can be raised so to blur boundaries between the interior and exterior. Passengers can sit comfortably in the interior while enjoying an all-round view and the feeling of sitting in the open.

The guarantee of Mercedes technology and luxury standards is a key selling point for the vessel. The automotive touch is evident from the air conditioning vents to the material used on the seating areas, to safety features such as technology to stop trapped fingers in the retractable windows.
The luminous transmittance of the glazing can be controlled electronically, along the same lines as the Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky Control technology; at the same time, the silver-shimmering glazing blends apparently seamlessly into the overall profile.

According to Spadolini, the expected client will be looking for a luxury day boat or for a chase tender, used by guests on board to explore shallower waters or swim away from the vessel.
“We expect to deliver four to five boats in 2018,” he added. Several clients have already signed up to reserve their own model, while Silver Arrows Marine, Mercedes dealers and specially selected yacht brokers are working to invite potential clients to experience the Arrow460 Granturismo.
From October 2017, clients will also be able to customise the first edition of the yacht with different interiors and colours, among the options suggested by the Silver Arrows Marine team, while the team keeps testing and refining various aspects of the prototypes.