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Pirelli and Tecnorib’s Pirelli 1900 rigid inflatable boat


Pirelli, world-leader tire manufacturer, teamed up with Tecnorib and Blossom Skis on the new Pirelli 1900 RIB boat, which will be unveiled at the next edition of the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Pirelli and Tecnorib have been collaborating for more than 10 years, during which they created three boats together. The design of the 1900 takes inspiration from the previous collaboration, the 1400, with a slender hull measuring 18.5 metres in length by 5 metres wide. All Pirelli boats feature inflatable with a tire tread pattern.

The Pirelli 1900 is the biggest rib boat designed in the long-running partnership with Tecnorib, and it keeps the same sporty personality as previous models. Featuring a carbon fibre roof, the boat is fitted with twin 800 hp MAN engines with surface-piercing propellers. They power the boat to an impressive top speed of 45 knots in ideal conditions, while 30 knots is the recommended cruising speed. A joystick and automatic trim system, designed for smooth sailing at any speed, allow the captain to easily control proceedings.

The resin-infused hull, longer and wider than the last boat by Pirelli, offers generous space including two cabins – headroom peaks at 2 metres below deck – two bathrooms and a central living area. The boat thus offers a relaxed, comfortable ride. According to the owner’s wishes, the standard storage cabinet can be converted into a crew cabin. The interior conveys a more relaxed and luxurious feeling, through bleached wood, bright colours and expensive fabrics, mosaic tiles finishing in the bathrooms.