Baglietto brings along the best of Made in Italy


Baglietto partners sharing excellenceThe historical La Spezia-based yard Baglietto, part of the Gavio Group, will be protagonist at the main international boat shows with major partners sharing the same values of passion, excellence and Italian style. At the next Cannes Yachting Festival important partnerships with most relevant Italian brands will be announced, from haute couture to yacht decoration, from spirits to the famous wine tradition.

Baglietto has chosen Sartoria Latorre, since 1965 one of the bespoke Italian tailoring worldwide, to design the Baglietto style; as the perfect fit and made-to-measure elegance of the Sartoria Latorre garments are the same that have always differentiate the Baglietto yachts.  The combination with the shirts by Bagutta, since 1975 synonymous with shirts bearing the sartorial tradition and the Made in Italy label, is perfect.

Speaking about Italian excellence, Acqua dell’Elba is the perfect example of best Made in Italy craftsmanship. Acqua dell’Elba will provide the Baglietto yachts with its new yachting line including courtesy pack, yacht accessories, beach towels and bath accessories.

From haute couture to the good drinking: the Apulian “Calafuria” rosé wine from the Marchesi Antinori’s Torremaresca winery and the Campari cocktails will be the protagonist of the glamorous evenings organized by Baglietto on the French Riviera.


Italian boat builder Baglietto Spa, based in La Spezia, specializes in the construction of new planning aluminum light alloy yachts ranging between 35 and 50 meters in length and steel & light aluminum alloy displacement mega-yachts above 40 meters. The company’s activities also include world-class ship repair and refitting services, as well as the construction, under the Baglietto Navy brand, of military crafts – the seagull brand’s traditional business. Extending over a more-than-35,000 sq meter area overlooking the Gulf of the Poets – a truly strategic area for mega-yacht traffic in the Tyrrhenian sea -, the shipyard recently completed an extensive reconstruction project that involved both its manufacturing and commercial facilities. Baglietto currently offers its customers a full range of products between 35 m and 65 m in length in the planning and displacement segments, plus the ‘tender’ line, with a 13 m and a 19 m MV model.

Acqua dell’Elba

Acqua dell’Elba, the perfume maker operating from Marciana Marina on the Island of Elba, with a stand offering visitors the chance to experience the authentic “essence of the sea”, by immersing themselves in an oasis of fragrances and products made by strictly craft methods in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, one of the Mediterranean’s top yachting locations. Its new yachting line, comprising perfumes and products carefully selected to convey all the poetry of the sea, and all the correlated novelties,including the new courtesy pack “Yachting / Private” for the most discerning public.

Marchesi Antinori – Tormaresca

The Antinori family has been involved in the production of wine for over six centuries, ever since, in 1385, Giovanni di Piero Antinori entered as a member, the “Arte Fiorentina”, the Winemakers’ Guild of the city of Florence. During this entire long period, thorough twenty six generations, the family has always directly managed this work with courageous and, at times, innovative decisions, but always maintaining, unaltered, a fundamental respect for tradition and for the territory in which they have operated. Passion, courage and trust in the Apulian land were the elements that led Marchesi Antinori to decide to invest in this beautiful region, in particular in Castel del Monte and Salento areas.


Since 1975 Bagutta has been synonymous with men’s and women’s shirts bearing the Made in Italy label. The brand’s classic white shirt has become its icon. The brand’s history and sartorial tradition are conveyed by the uniqueness of contemporary classic styles that have given it unrivalled leadership on the international scene. A bold project designed to build a complete shirt wardrobe.

A make-to-measure service was rolled out with different labels for each shirt-wearing occasion, ranging from “BAGUTTA first dressing choice”, where sartorial tradition meets the epitome of luxury, to “BAGUTTA Milano”, reflecting the elegance of the great classics, “BAGUTTA the shirt”, featuring cutting edge washes and treatments, and “BAGUTTA contemporary”, embodying the results of pure experimental research into shapes and fabrics.


Campari is a contemporary and charismatic classic. The secret recipe, which has remained unchanged, originated in Novara in 1860 and is the base for some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is an alcoholic spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and inspiring flavour, Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure, which unfurls itself into a captivating drinking experience. These are the values that have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.

Sartoria Latorre

Michele Latorre founded Sartoria Latorre in 1965, initially as a little local company, to produce made-to-measure suits. During the years, far-sighted vision and his entrepreneurial curiosity brought him beyond his village walls, towards the “high tailoring”, that gives “Made in Italy” an international strength. Michele always considered the Neapolitan bespoke tailoring an essential referring point. Even today, his creation, still inspired by this culture, are appreciated not only locally. His sons Vito, Alberto, Luciano and Alessio have treasured the father’s experience, harmonizing it with a new, young and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, still looking after the craftsmanship of the classic tailoring, a synonymous of high quality and precision.


A Foiling Superyacht

Pierpaolo Lazzarini embarked on his yachting journey with his project Plectrum, a