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Nautica Italiana for the Recreational Boating Code


Nautica Italiana for the Recreational Boating CodeNautica Italiana, with the representation of its Secretary-General Lorenzo Pollicardo, attended the institutional round table about the new regulations for the boating industry, the Recreational Boating Code held in Rome at the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports on Monday September 18th.

The aim of the meeting was to present and to share the new Legislative Decree scheme for the revision and integration of the Recreational Boating Code, preliminarily approved by the Council of Ministers, with all the associations involved – Ucina, Federagenti, CNA, FIV, Assilea, Nautica Italiana etc.

Lamberto Tacoli, President of Nautica Italiana, commented: “We express our approval to the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports who has started the scheme for the decree on the Recreational Boating Code in due time before the deadline of the proxy.” The meeting ratifies the participation of Nautica Italiana to the institutional round tables on the boating industry and it confirms the association’s commitment to support the Ministry, and to work in collaboration with all other associations.

Nautica Italiana underlined some issues which were already part of their Manifesto Nautica 365: the simplification of the International Register for large yachts, the prompt realisation of the online register, the simplification of the procedures related to the navigation for large yachts, the enhancement of small crafts and boat renting.

Nautica Italiana finally obtained the validation by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports for five round tables on major themes such as: Recreational Boating Code, state concessions, contracts, professional qualifications for boating, monitoring and revision of the Nautical Code, and many more.


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