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Tohatsu brand campaign announced in Genoa


Tohatsu brand campaignTohatsu Corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, announced the outline of its global brand campaign at the 57th edition of the Genoa International Boat Show. Tohatsu’s global brand campaign based on a new branding strategy will be deployed at boat shows around the world, starting from the Genoa International Boat Show in September 2017.

The campaign sets ‘smarts’ millennials as its core target, revealing Tohatsu’s new brand logo, “Blue Wings” and its unique “Simpliq™ Technology”. The feature of the new branding strategy is its target demographic called ‘smarts’, millennial boat owners (born between 1977 and 1995).

The smarts, which accounts for 17% of total boat owners, is highly receptive to Tohatsu technology, and Tohatsu’s analysis shows that they will drive the next generation of boat market (Target: owners of boats with engine; North America/Europe in Fall 2016; Quantitative research: 1130 samples collected)

The new brand logo, “Blue Wings” has been designed to represent “Seahawks” that fly over the oceans across the world. Tohatsu’s unique technology, “Simpliq™ Technology” is the collective term for all technologies developed by Tohatsu. “Simpliq™ Technology” includes highly detailed designs, weight-saving technologies, and packaging know-hows, based on the technologies in outboard manufacturing accumulated for more than 60 years.