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LALIZAS sponsors the legendary Georgios Averof

Lalizas sponsors Georgios Averof

Lalizas sponsors Georgios AverofLALIZAS Company announced its kind sponsorship to the legendary armoured cruiser of the Hellenic Navy, “Georgios Averof”.

“The legendary armoured cruiser of the Hellenic Navy “Georgios Averof” which served as the Greek flagship during most of the first half of the 20th century is a live monument of the world history.” said Mr. Charalampopoulos Sotirios, Commander of the historic ship.

It is indeed a great pleasure and honour for LALIZAS Company to contribute to the renewal of Georgios Averof’s safety equipment. When the Senior Crew Team of the armoured cruiser approached us for the donation of marine & safety equipment, we directly reacted to their request, offering high quality products such as:

  • LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS with Reflective Tape
  • Lifebuoy light holder
  • Lifebuoy light M.O.B
  • Reflective hazard warning tape
  • Nonslip Tape
  • Floating Line and many other.

The trust and the recognition of The Hellenic Navy towards LALIZAS Company have set the fundamentals for a strong and ongoing relationship based on mutual feelings.

The floating museum “Georgios Averof” is not just another memorable ship.

It is an example of valour, freedom and independence.

It is an example of what we were capable of doing in the future