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Frauscher Autumn Open Doors

Mauro Feltrinelli, of the homonymous family owned by the Nautico Feltrinelli shipyard in Gargnano sul Garda.
Mauro Feltrinelli, of the homonymous family owned by the Nautico Feltrinelli shipyard in Gargnano sul Garda.

Feltrinelli Shipyard at Gargnano opened the doors on the 7th– 8th October weekend to present the new 858 Fantom Air, besides the entire Frauscher fleet


The Italian premiere of 858 Fantom Air by Frauscher, in the ambit of the sixth edition of Frauscher Autumn Open Doors, organized by Feltrinelli Shipyard at Gargnano (BS) in the days of an almost summer weekend, last October 7th and 8th, was the opportunity to let customers – and whoever was interested – know and try the exclusive Frauscher fleet, all showcased for the special event. Accompanied by Feltrinelli staff, it was possible to get on board of 747 Mirage, 747 Air, 858 Fantom, 1017 GT, 1017 Lido and 1414 Demon. Side by side with these forefront boats currently in production, the brand’s timeless masterpieces: 606 Riviera, 686 Lido, 757 Saint Tropez and 909 Benaco. In static exhibition, the Gentlemen Racer 717, with Blu Bugatti livery, welcomed at the yard.

858 Fantom Air – already winner of the prestigious Elegance Competition at Cannes Yachting Festival – attracted everyone’s attention. So explains Mauro Feltrinelli, exceptional host of the event: “This model encompasses all fundamental concepts of Frauscher: the perfect stability in water, the veering reliability, the excellent performances and especially the large availability of spaces of the previous models, here further enhanced. At the same time, it features unique characteristics: in particular, I think it is impressive how designers could intervene on a bottom already designed, creating a walkaround concept that is perfectly integrated with the lower part, to the extent of resembling part of the original design. Our role as Frauscher Italia is introducing also this model on the Italian market, an ideal market for this type of boats, due to the several kilometres of coast and to the marvellous roadsteads that offer the real opportunity of using the boat on short distances. The means, and at the same time the target, is to make Italians accustomed to Frauscher brand and repeating in Italy the success the brand attains abroad precisely among our compatriots. Likewise, however, many foreign visitors come to Italy to sail in our waters, along our coasts, and they want to do that with a Frauscher boat.”



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