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Nobiskrug and Yacht Aid Global partnership announced


Nobiskrug and Yacht Aid GlobalFollowing an unprecedented hurricane season affecting over 40 million people in the Caribbean, superyacht shipbuilder Nobiskrug, member of the Privinvest Holding shipbuilding consortium and Yacht Aid Global have agreed to partner, in order to:

  • increase industry awareness of the state of the Caribbean, post-hurricane devastation
  • federate more superyacht owners and captains to Yacht Aid Global’s network of partners
  • promote the Caribbean’s recovery by delivering lifesaving relief aid to disaster-stricken areas

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season wreaked havoc on 15 different Caribbean islands, including Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, US and the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Puerto Rico, St.Barthélemy, St Maarten and the Turks and Caicos. Critical Infrastructure, from air and sea ports, energy and telecommunication networks to housing suffered unprecedented damages, with many lives lost. Tourism jobs are on hold pending visitors and there currently are over 4 million people without potable water.

YachAid Global provides transportation of humanitarian aid, and through its alliance with the Superyacht Aid Coalition, has mobilized its network of vessels to deliver urgently needed relief aid, within hours of the hurricanes making landfall.

Nobiskrug, in keeping with its core sets of values, feels compelled to support Yacht Aid Global’s efforts as they grow their network of partners and ramp up delivery of critical aid to Caribbean people in need.

“The destruction we have seen from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the beautiful Caribbean islands is saddening. We are pleased to be able to offer our support in a moment of need” reinforces Holger Kahl, managing director of Nobiskrug.

Yacht Aid Global’s general manager, Captain Tim Forderer adds: “We thank Nobiskrug for their leadership, support and trust in Yacht Aid Global and look forward to exploring the many ways we can use our synergy, resources and talents to benefit the people of the Caribbean. I am deeply grateful for Nobiskrug to be the first ship and yacht builder to be such a vocal advocate of this important cause”.

The first result of the Nobiskrug and YachtAid Global partnership developed while at the Fort Lauderdale International Yacht Show, as Yacht Aid Global general manager Captain Tim Forderer, Nobiskrug’s managing director Holger Kahl and Privinvest Americas managing director Stan Wojewodzki met with Captain Steward Fontaine, who commands the 225 foot, Nobiskrug-built superyacht SYCARA V. During those discussions, SYCARA V agreed to join the network of transportation partners, which resulted in Yacht Aid Global preparing a relief shipment to Antigua within the next 3 weeks.

With most Caribbean islands depending heavily on tourism, restoring jobs and the local economy of the 15 affected island is imperative. We invite tourists, remote supporters and local stakeholders to do their part in supporting the people of the Caribbean in this important effort. Visitors should know that the Caribbean is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and that tourism income provides islands with much-needed support during this period of rebuilding. Remote supporters can help the Caribbean by donating to reputable charities, such as

Economic stakeholders such as airlines, hotels, cruise ship companies, tour and maritime operators must come together as partners in jump-starting island economies. Yacht operators are encouraged to join YachtAid Global ‘s network of partners providing relief to the Caribbean while it recovers and rebuilds from this devastating hurricane season.


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