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Elektra, the full electrically propelled ferry


“Elektra” is the newest member of the Finferries fleet. During a two days press trip, Nautech had the chance to gain first-hand experience of Finland’s pioneering spirit into the environmentally-friendly ships, directly on board.

In June 2017, the Elektra began regular operation between Nauvo and Parainen in the Turku archipelago. Battery packs, which are charged via the land-based charging stations in the harbor for use by the ferry, serve as the primary source of energy, with Diesel engines used as emergency power units. The Elektra is also Europe’s largest car ferry. At nearly 98 meters long and 16 meters wide, the Elektra can transport up to 90 cars per trip. The ferry purchased by FinFerries will now be traveling this route every 15 minutes. The batteries are charged in roughly five minutes while cars move off and onto the ferry. The two lithium-ion batteries each have a capacity of 530 kWh.

Elektra, up to 100 percent clean

Made by the Polish shipyard CRIST S.A Elektra is equipped with the Siemens Electric propulsion system BlueDrive PlusC. It includes an energy storage system, variable speed drive technology for the propellers and an integrated alarm and monitoring system. FinFerries will benefit from lower operational costs, maintenance and repair cost savings as well as improved control and safety through its energy management and thruster control systems. The complete electro-technical solution includes the remote access monitoring system EcoMain. Siemens also supplied a WiFi solution to connect with the shore-based charging stations controlled by the ferry’s energy management system in order to secure automated fast charging.

A complete article about how Elektra works with a technical description of the “engine room” will be publish on the next February issue of NauTech.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy