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FURUNO introduces new FAR-2xx8 Radar series


Furuno FAR-2xx8 Radar seriesFuruno has recently released its brand-new FAR-2xx8 Radar series.

The new model FAR-2xx8 series is a successor model of the FAR-2xx7 series. The FAR-2xx8 provides users with the utmost performance with great detection capability, intuitive operability and functions which are enabled by the latest technologies. The FAR-2xx8 Series radar offers various useful features such as an improved clutter and noise reduction, Fast Target Tracking™, a new InstantAccess bar™ and a Solid State transceiver. The FAR-2xx8 series is highly qualified, complying fully with the IMO performance standards.

The radar image output from the solid-state radar is crisp and crystal clear, enabling the user to obtain better situational awareness, including small crafts and objects on the sea surface. In various environments, the FAR-2xx8 utilizes the ACE (Automatic Clutter Elimination) to select an optimal setting automatically by just pressing the ACE button. ACE detects sea and rain clutter from received echoes’ range and bearing trends and automatically reduces sea and rain clutter in all weather and sea conditions.

Another characteristic feature of The FAR-2xx8 radar is the Fast Target Tracking™ function, which helps to prevent collisions at an early stage. This feature acquires tracking data of a target within a couple of seconds, which adds to the situational awareness of the operator.

Usability is greatly enhanced with the InstantAccess bar™, which contains shortcut menus of the tasks that the operator frequently uses, and allows the operator to direct access to the functions immediately. Furthermore, the FAR-2xx8 series utilizes the familiar FAR-2xx7 series menu structure, allowing operators who know the FAR-2xx7 menus to get up and running quickly.

Overview of the Features

The new radar series is a safe, reliable and user-friendly next-generation radar with the following features:

  • Complies with the following regulations: IEC62388 Ed.2/ IEC62288 Ed.2/ IEC61162-1 Ed.5/ IEC61162-2/ IEC60945 Ed.4/ IEC61162-450
  • Newly designed antenna scanners to suppress the aerodynamic drag and prevent a spike in temperature
  • DC blushless motor results in a very durable gear box that can be used for prolonged period of time.
  • Solid state radar model – NXT – specialized in target detection and maintainability – emphasizes quality and reliability, while also meeting the rigorous demands of the marine environment. (S-band only)
  • Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function provides clear echoes: Quickly adjusts the radar image with a single button press. When the ACE function is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter according to the sea and weather conditions.
  • Fast Target Tracking function to prevent collision at an early stage
  • 27″ Wide monitor (model: MU-270W) compatibility