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Schottel ProAnode extending the lifecycle of thrusters

Schottel ProAnode

Schottel ProAnodeThe German Schottel Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of propulsion and steering systems for ships and offshore applications, has recently delivered its first Schottel Rudderpropeller equipped with the newly developed and patented ProAnode.

The new ProAnode, featuring new form and position, is aimed at extending the lifecycle of azimuthing thrusters along with other advantages. It sets higher standards in corrosion protection and, thanks to its location moved from the outside surface into the cross-section of the nozzle tail, the ProAnode leads to subsequent operational benefits, such as reduced flow interference, resulting in fuel savings.

Enhanced corrosion protection

Schottel’s core idea was to remove the anodes from the outside surface of the nozzle, where they are prone to being knocked off by flotsam, such as wood or ice, or even by slight ground contact. Loss of the anodes is usually only discovered during maintenance downtime, by which time corrosion might already have become a problem. Plus, depending on the nozzle’s diameter and the anode’s material, anodes for up to five years cathodic protection against corrosion can be integrated into the nozzle. This enables a reduction of additional anodes for the hull or other thruster parts.

Optimization of hydrodynamic flow

The new position in the tail of the nozzle not only shields the anodes, but also offers additional operational potential as it contributes to the optimal hydrodynamic flow of the nozzle. As its smooth overall surface reduces flow interference, it meets the customer’s need for highly efficient propulsion systems. It results in lower fuel consumption and pays off in terms of reduced operating costs.

Technological enhancement available from now on

The Schottel ProAnode is a standard with Schottel Rudderpropellers from now on. The conventional anodes arrangement is still available upon request.

About Schottel Group

The Schottel Group, with its headquarters in Spay/Rhine, was founded in 1921 and has been developing and manufacturing azimuth propulsion and manoeuvring systems, complete propulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW, and steering systems for vessels of all sizes and types, for about 65 years. Around 100 sales and service locations worldwide ensure customer proximity.