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Torqeedo presents its new products for 2018


torqeedoElectric mobility specialist Torqeedo has recently presented its products for 2018. Electric mobility solutions are gaining widespread acceptance in the automotive markets and in all other transportation sectors, including the marine market: such issue will be one of the main topics of the upcoming edition of boot Dusseldorf.

“Offering sustainable products that deliver a superior value over conventional combustion engines has always been Torqeedo’s core. We continue this tradition in 2018.” Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin said on the occasion of the first presentation of the product innovations at METS Amsterdam 2017, the world’s largest trade fair for marine equipment.

The new 48 V battery, Power 48-5000, makes the use of AGM or gel batteries for electric mobility obsolete. Due to its long service life and 8-year capacity warranty, it provides the ultimate cost-effective lithium battery supply for electric motors up to 10 kW and for all electrical loads on board. It also features unparalleled energy density and superior safety.

Deep Blue, Torqeedo‘s award-winning 40 and 80 horsepower propulsion system, is the cornerstone of powerful electric mobility – from the tried-and-true plug-in electric to the highly customizable hybrid solution that provides complete energy management on board. With the new BMW i8 high-power battery, boats with limited space can now take advantage of state-of-the-art automobile battery technology and the highest energy density available in the marine market.

The new Ultralight 403 A models offer an advanced mount, providing quick and convenient mounting options for fishing kayaks and improved manoeuvrability.

The Cruise Pod propulsion system, which has won worldwide acclaim since its introduction in 2016, delivers lightweight and economical electric propulsion for sailboats up to 20 HP equivalent power. With the new Cruise 10.0 FP Saildrive Mount it has become even easier to refit from a diesel saildrive to clean, lightweight electric propulsion using the existing saildrive mounting points.

Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin so recall the brand’s history and evolution: “We started with two product lines and now cover the power range from 0.5 kW to 50 kW. At the beginning, it was just a small outboard. Today, our ability to install the engines to the boat has grown significantly: starting with out- and inboards, to sail drives and up to pod drives that can be fitted underneath the hull.”

No wonder that the first manufacturers of serial yachts are beginning to rely on electric drives. The latest example: the luxury catamarans from Privilege Marine. Privilege Marine’s first Series 5 hybrid catamaran is equipped with a 2 x 50 kW inboard engine system. The Deep Blue Hybrid System provides green energy for the zero-emission electric boat drive as well as all other onboard consumers through power generation with solar modules and hydrogeneration.

Torqeedo’s modular combination of standard components makes it easy to tailor the system to individual needs. For long distance journeys, a 22 kW HV / DC converter generator is integrated into the system, offering a similar range as a yacht equipped with a conventional combustion engine. The generator provides sufficient energy to power the engines and, if necessary, charge the batteries at the same time. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator shuts down. This makes it possible to sail under power at a moderate speed for a few hours a day – almost without making a sound.

The combination of renewable energy, generator power and high-capacity BMW high-voltage batteries allows boat owners to use a whole range of energy sources. Even the air conditioning can be operated at night without a generator. The fully charged system allows for 20 nautical miles of silent motoring at a speed of 5 knots.

Gilles Wagner, CEO of Privilege Marine, says Torqeedo’s remarkable industrial development was the key to choosing Deep Blue Hybrid at the shipyard: “Torqeedo has brought hybrid technology to an industrial level by delivering an integrated system all from one hand.”