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Gianneschi pumps and blowers for the megayacht market


GianneschiGianneschi pumps and blowers, well-known brand, particularly focused on Megayachts market, for pumps, fresh waters, fans, dampers and boilers has recently made several investments to extend its product range in OEM business. Products developed are the BMA family, self-priming centrifugal pumps, which includes BMA-S, ideal for airconditioning and cooling systems, water treatment and water supply systems. BMA-M with macerator for black/waste and grey water and BMA-G, with anti-clogging system, suitable for grey water.  The CP series, self-priming pumps with star impeller, which is ideal for diesel oil and liquids intake, bilge, sea water and cooling, has been recently added the new CP 40. The CB series, centrifugal pumps, suitable for fresh and sea water lifting, heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. Moreover, Gianneschi is developing a new pump that will be announced soon for several applications.