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Treccificio Borri snc, manufacturer for the nautical market

Treccificio Borri snc

Treccificio Borri sncDirect manufacturer since 1954, Treccificio Borri supplies the Italian and worldwide nautical market, that today represents the bigger slice of their production. Highly technological fibres like Kevlar®, Dyneema®, Vectran®, HT Polyester, and various mixes of them, are at the base of their catalogue. The very recent braid in Kevlar® and Dyneema® 152 SK78, easy to splice and with great mechanical and abrasion resistance, stands out. Recall among the flagship products the tops Round Line 136 in Polyester HT hawser worked, for an excellent mooring; then the ropes 151, worked in double braid with core made of Dyneema® SK78 and an outer sock in mixed Kevlar® / Polyester. The latter has been widely used in situations of high thermal/abrasive stress such as on winches and traction of logs. For other products visit


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