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Andrea Razeto appointed President of ICOMIA


Andrea Razeto ICOMIA's presidentAndrea Razeto, already a council member and managing director of Fratelli Razeto e Casareto Spa and vice president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica, was appointed President at ICOMIA congress held in Berlin on June, 8th.

ICOMIA – International Council of Marine Industry Associations, gathers 40 of the main national nautical federation since 1965 with the aim of building up a shared vision on the global nautical industry. It includes nautical associations and promotes the development of the nautical and boating industry, as well as the harmonisation of regulations about navigation, touristic ports, navigation security, boatbuilding, in close collaboration with IMO – International Maritime Organization, ISO – International Organization for Standardization, IMCI – International Marine Certification Institute, the European Commission and other institutions.

During the meeting, ICOMIA’s new executive committee has been appointed and its new president, Andrea Razeto, the successor of the Finnish Jouko Huju, will remain in office until 2020.

Born in Recco (Genoa) in 1967, Razeto is a council member and managing director of Fratelli Razeto e Casareto Spa, founded in 1920, and vice president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica since 2012. He was also already ICOMIA’s vice president since 2015.

“My appointment as President of the Global Federation of the nautical industry is an honour and a great responsibility in this particular moment of regained trust and restored growth of the main markets. To lead ICOMIA is a recognition of the strategic role of the Italian nautical industry in a global market which is more and more dynamic, complex and international. UCINA will keep on its commitment at an international level, thanks to the strong technical and proactive contribution in the Federation’s working groups,” commented Andrea Razeto.

Carla Demaria, UCINA’s president, added: “The Italian presidency of Andrea Razeto leading ICOMIA for the two-year period 2018-2020, which follows the one of Lorenzo Selva in 2010 represents yet another confirmation of the great work that our association is doing to represent the nautical industry of our country in the international arena.”