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Boxfish 360 Spherical Underwater Camera


Boxfish Research is New Zealand’s leading underwater robotics company, producing underwater vision systems with a mission to reveal underwater environments with unprecedented clarity. Founded in 2016 with the chance meeting of three engineers and after three years of development, Boxfish now have two of the finest underwater cameras on the market. With the objective to set the standard for underwater vision technology, this is only the beginning for them.

Their cameras include the Boxfish ROV, an underwater drone made to explore environments inaccessible by man and to broaden our understanding of the underwater world. Boxfish have also introduced a 360-degree camera, designed to maximise a diver’s productive time in the water and share a first-person perspective with your audience.

Boxfish ROV

The Boxfish ROV is a state of the art remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Its stability, live streaming ultra-high definition (UHD) video, high performance, reliability and easy deployment are what differentiates this ROV from competitors.

The Boxfish ROV features eight thrusters that allow for stable movement and rotation in the water, paired with its 4k camera and 16,000 lumens lights, it is perfect for enabling unique viewing and angles for viewers. These features combined with a depth rating of up to 1000m and easy deployment are what make the Boxfish ROV the perfect drone for filmmakers, researchers and any underwater inspection application.

The ROV’s ultra-wide navigation cameras, coupled with the auto-stabilisation system make the Boxfish ROV very easy to operate even to novices.

As well as the above specifications the Boxfish ROV is accompanied by a beautiful 17″ UHD monitor. Through this monitor, the ROV has the ability to stream live uncompressed 4KP30 video back at base.

Boxfish 360

As well as the ROV, the Boxfish 360 is just as innovative, a one of a kind professional underwater spherical camera. The Boxfish 360 gives professional content creators the ability to transport their audience to another world.

The 360’s convenience and user-friendly set up gives the camera a variety of applications from film to scientists and even tourism and entertainment.

The 360’s impressive features such as three micro four-thirds cameras, a four-hour runtime and a single charge port provide an immense amount of convenience to all user.




SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy