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Second Service Convention for CMC Marine


CMC Marine has increased twofold the number of certified operators in its service network and many of them met in Cascina, Pisa, from January 21 to 24, for the second event organised specifically for them. Operators from various countries in Europe, the USA and Asia took advantage of this important opportunity to align their strategies and refresh their training.

Service and assistance have always been a key point of focus for CMC Marine, which over the last year has increased twofold the number of certified operators in its service network. For this reason, and remembering what a huge success the first event was, the Italian company based in Pisa has decided to replicate the Convention for service points worldwide, with operators taking part from 11 sites in Europe (France, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Greece and Turkey), Asia (Hong Kong and the Arab Emirates) and North America (United States).

For this reason, from January 21 to 24, company headquarters in Cascina played host to the second CMC Marine Service Convention, which confirmed its importance as an opportunity to learn more and to meet, as well as offering plenty of time for technical training.

Representatives of the Company’s service points were enthusiastic attendees of the event, where they had the chance to look in more detail at new products and discuss the best sales strategies to adopt in the various geographical areas.

For its part, CMC Marine updated attendees on projects underway and how to approach the new season, offering them resources and tools to perform their work in the best possible way. The working sessions gave the various operators an opportunity to present any problems or doubts to the company’s engineers and managers, as well as to discuss the best solutions.

While on one hand the event was organised and seen as a moment of growth and sharing, in which to take stock of the work performed in the various areas, on the other it represented a constructive way to start the new year with a more comprehensive baggage of know-how and experiences.

As can be seen, CMC Marine has chosen to continue on the path of offering an increasingly comprehensive and most importantly a global service, in order to offer all customers the same level of quality wherever they are in the world.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy