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ASTRA, the compass that didn’t exist before


Riviera Genova Srl, the leading company in the design and manufacture of nautical accessories and compasses since 1976, is launching ASTRA, the new magnetic compass specially made to be mounted on the ceiling. While maintaining unchanged the seafaring tradition of simplicity and practicality, the magnetic compass is still today an indispensable tool for navigation and saves us risk of malfunction in electronic course control apparatus.

“Astra” is the result of years of research and development by the company in compasses for yachts and work boats. The new Astra compass has been designed to satisfy the requirements of shipyards who are continuously seeking to optimise space on the bridge, which is increasingly cluttered with monitors, various indicators and electronic instruments of all kinds.

The aim is to exploit unused surfaces, in this case the ceiling of the boat above the bridge.

Development of the project started from models of tried and tested Riviera compasses, applying variations and improvements to refine the product. For example, the double access system of the rose makes reading small stable without the need to balance independently of the different magnetic zones on earth.

The internal mechanism is based on a double gimbal system that neutralises rolling and pitching of the boat so they do not interfere with the working of the compass.

The materials used are the result years of experience in moulding plastic materials in-house, both for the marine and automotive sectors.

The transparent top is in polycarbonate, a plastic material that resists scratches and shocks. The top is treated against ultraviolet rays to ensure resistance to the effects of exposure to the sun. The external parts are in ABS, which has exceptional mechanical properties and strengths while guaranteeing excellent aesthetic quality. It also resists solvents, alcohol and oils and is also treated to resist over time exposure to atmospheric and meteomarine agents.

The certifications obtained by the company for its products and quality system confirm its constant commitment to seek reliability and high quality in production.


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