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Cecchi Gustavo presents STEEL Blue, a strong, resistant and fluid product that fills up and conforms to every small crevice.

Epoxy casting compound for chocking, engine alignment, propeller support, rudder hole, structural support… Easy to mix and to apply. For a perfect bonding metal-metal, metal-fiberglass, wood-metal, fiberglass-wood and more.

Strong and Resistant

STEEL Blue for example at 80 ° C is the first in the Class for compression. At 100 ° C it is still higher than the values of 80 ° C required by the various Registers

Simple mix

The color contrast between component A and B facilitates the control of perfect mixing and guarantees a compliance result

Easily mixable

The dedicated mixer and supplied at no charge is the result of practical tests made by users based on their requests


In addition to facilitating mixing, it penetrates into every small interstice, perfectly adheres the surfaces, facilitating the ascent of any bubbles


Each package contains a complete description of the tests carried out in the presence of the Registers at the CTS Experimental Center of La Spezia