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Besenzoni: LaPasserella full electric

gangway for oat

gangway yachtsLaPasserella is the range of gangways with fully electric operation from Besenzoni, which has developed innovations for yachting for more than 50 years.

Details abot the gangway

The product has attained the ambitious objective of simplifying the functioning of the gangway and making it more green, maintaining the high performance demanded in the marine environment and at the same time simplifying the production phase and installation on board.

The great innovation that characterises LaPasserella is the electric power which, as well as making the system quieter, dispenses with the hydraulic system and thus reduces weight on board. Then there is an automatic reduction of fuel consumption, with less impact on the marine environment.

In addition it reduces energy consumption on board, eliminating the need for power for the hydraulic motor. The energy is optimised, starting from an electronic control of the effort with less current to avoid excessive stress on the system and the structure.

A product for the environment

LaPasserella does not need hydraulic oil in the system and/or in the engine room. In addition, there is reduced usage of potentially polluting materials such as plastic and rubber pipes, and the possibility of inserting on the platform a cladding in synthetic PVC material that is stabilised to UV radiation and 100% ecologic.

In addition to the innovative functional and eco-friendly characteristics, LaPasserella has been carefully designed, with a variety of cladding materials and colours available and the possibility of fully customised solutions. This range can be controlled with a smart phone with the Besenzoni Control Device and installation of the Bluetooth BUC module. It can also be remotely controlled by the standard remote control provided.

LaPasserella is currently available in five lengths, from 220 to 340 cm.