Cmc Marine ArgoTM: a system for integrated course control

yacht control system

yacht course control systemArgoTM is the CMC Marine for integrated course control launched in 2020 and today is installed on yachts and superyachts all over the world.

Designed to control the reciprocal interaction of fin and rudder systems, it ensures optimal course control improving core stability and control of terms; this definitively solves the problem of continual small course corrections, giving remarkable fuel savings. After developing such innovative systems as those for stabilising fins, with Stabilis Electra and Waveless, and with the Directa helm systems, creating a system to allow them to dialogue was the natural consequence.

Great autopilot performances

Helms, stabilising fins and autopilots are integrated in a single CMC Marine control panel, with remarkable advantages when sailing on autopilot.

The continuous movement of the sea with its waves and currents, above all when the autopilot is activated, deceives instrumentation which sees the yacht off course and makes it turn, leading to an infinite and pointless cycle of tiny course corrections. With ArgoTM the autopilot communicates directly with the CMC Marine instruments, so that fins and rudder can cooperate in unison instead of working against each other, notably improving core stability, efficiency in fuel consumption and comfort on board in general.

In addition, thanks to this interconnection between the systems on board, the software supports the skipper with several indicators and alarms on sea conditions, avoiding for example the phenomenon of broaching (when the boat travels at the same speed as the waves whose thrust accelerates it and may cause it to nose into a wave) and allowing to hold an optimal course.

Recently ArgoTM was installed on the 40 m Flexplorer “Aurelia” from Cantiere delle Marche and on the new 38 m Grande Trideck by Azimut Yachts. In the next 12 months it will be installed on board another 15 latest generation yachts.