Fastmount seeks to standardize framework and panel mounting with new system

Stratlock Rail System

New Zealand-based manufacturers of hidden panel mounting systems, Fastmount, has launched its new Stratlock Rail System ahead of METSTRADE next month. The Stratlock Rail System will debut in Amsterdam at the Kroon stand 02.226, where customers will be able to experience the system first-hand.

Riding on the success of the Stratlock Range of clips, the Stratlock Rail System provides boatbuilders with a complete, integrated and purpose-built system for building deckhead and wall framework substrates to attach interior paneling to.

Stratlock Rail System: limitless possibilities

Comprising of a custom-built aluminium extrusion profile and three cast aluminium connectors to enable absolute installation flexibility, the Stratlock Rail System has been designed specifically to be used with the Stratlock Range of clips, resulting in a complete, flexible process for precisely framing up walls and installing interior panels in a streamlined manner.

With the mission to simplify aluminium extrusion framework in mind, the SL-RLE extrusion is designed to be used on either the vertical or horizontal plane, which can be cut to size to build a grid, using the three connectors that give designers and builders virtually limitless possibilities to create a precise framework to mount panels to.

Options for several construction scenarios

The die-cast aluminium connectors offer options according to specific construction requirements: a fixed 90Âș connector (SL-RCF90), a flexible 180Âș adjustable connection for perpendicular profiles such as connecting a wall to a ceiling (SL-RCA180 + SL-RCF90) and a flexible 180Âș adjustable connection for parallel profiles such as wall corners (SL-RCA180 + SL-RCF90).

A typical construction scenario would see the SL-RLE extrusion cut to size according to the designer’s CAD plans, sections pre-constructed off the yacht using the appropriate connectors, and fastened into place. Fastmount Stratlock Range clips could then be installed, ready for interior panels to be fitted at the last minute.

In the last few years, we have seen many of the larger boatbuilders move towards the reliability and security of aluminium extrusions to frame up deckhead and wall panel framework, instead of or in addition to plywood or timber framework.

Creating this system felt like a natural progression for Fastmount, staying ahead of the curve in terms of construction processes.

Gregg Kelly, Founder and Head of Innovation at Fastmount

Stratlock Rail System: the benefits

Benefits of the Stratlock Rail System:

  • To make an uneven or un-level wall or ceiling perfectly straight and level;
  • Aluminium extrusions absorb zero moisture compared to wood substrates, making it perfect for use on superyachts;
  • Superior fire rating compared to wood substrates;
  • Ultra-light substrate construction (500gm/m);
  • Process and design driven – entire substrate can be CAD designed and pre-built precisely prior to install, speeding up construction process;
  • Limitless construction possibilities.