A complete hydrogen-electric propulsion system

hydrogen-electric propulsion

Partnerships who have what it takes to revolutionize the future of boating? Is the one between Genevos and Transfluid: they are collaborating to develop a complete hydrogen-electric propulsion system.

The aim

The partnership will contribute to the acceleration of clean marine mobility through the provision of a turn-key hydrogen-electric propulsion system based on maritime certified technologies. The offering of a complete system will include Genevos’ recently AiP marine certified Hydrogen Power Module (HPM) range, and Transfluid’s specialist integration services and marine certified batteries, electric motors, and transmissions.
Transfluid’s large product portfolio in combination with the HPM range offering solutions from 15 kW to 500 kW will enable full customisation to individual vessel requirements. The partnership will offer both hydrogen-electric and hybrid options, which will benefit from the extended motoring range enabled by the marine fuel cells provided by Genevos.

Keyword: easy!

This collaboration falls in line with Genevos’ key objective to simplify the hydrogen energy transition in the marine sector by offering plug and play, and customised solutions. The centralising of expertise with a hydrogen-electric propulsion pack further enables clients to work with one team to streamline a vessel’s energy transition process.

Genevos Hydrogen Power Modules
We are committed to supporting maritime decarbonisation by providing scalable hydrogen-electric systems applicable to a diverse range of vessels from passenger ferries and service vessels to sailing and motor yachts. Together with Transfluid’s large product range we will be able to offer customised solutions to optimise performance and efficiency. We very much look forward to working with Transfluid as part of the urgent need to reduce vessel emissions.Phil Sharp, CTO at Genevos
Hydrogen is one of the most promising zero emission fuels to avoid polluting the air we breathe every day. The partnership with Genevos enables us to combine our expertise with certified, proven and advanced technologies to meet zero emissions maritime needs within the global marketUgo Pavesi, CEO at Transfluid