Agreement between Confindustria Nautica and Promostudi


Confindustria Nautica and Promostudi shake hands.
Confindustria Nautica is Italian Marine Industrial Association and Promostudi is the Participatory Foundation that coordinates and manages the La Spezia University Campus, which hosts three-year and master’s degree courses at the University of Genoa.

The aims

The objectives of the agreement, signed by the President of Confindustria Nautica Saverio Cecchi and by the President of Promostudi Ugo Salerno, are the collaboration for the realization of activities that favor the integration between the aspects of university training and research and the production chain of nautical industry, including related services, in various forms, with particular reference to the design of pleasure craft. The aims are also sustainability studies with specific attention to eco-compatibility, training projects for the management and management of pleasure craft and related professional qualifications and qualifications, market analysis, business plans and process management, study of the laws and regulations of the nautical-maritime sector and design of new technical-legal tools.
The agreement intends to foster a coordinated approach between the parties in order to optimize the university preparation of future professional generations through specific training courses, also aimed at the needs of individual companies, which reflect the current market and technological research


The voice of the protagonists
«As part of its activities, Confindustria Nautica favors refresher programs for the industry and professional qualification for young people who choose boating, supporting the importance of university training as a qualifying element for the professionalism of its employees», said Saverio Cecchi. «Thanks to this collaboration, students will be able to meet and dialogue with companies in the nautical sector in a leading area for the sector in Italy. Liguria is in fact the first region for the number of pleasure craft registered and La Spezia in particular can count over 1600 employed in the nautical district: one of the most important yachting production hubs at national level», said Ugo Salerno, President of Promostudi.