SMES discovering digital transformation


Tecniche Nuove’s publishing activity began back in 1960 with the publication of several mechanics magazines, becoming the brightest entity in specialized publishing.

A universe in which, among the latest stars, shines the book (language: Italian) on Digital Transformation in the SME, a highly relevant volume for the business world that is part of the professional growth series and has all the credentials to inspire small and medium-sized companies on their path of evolution.

Digital transformation in SMEs: an overview

The spread of new technologies and digital platforms is reshaping the classic model of entrepreneurship by placing – especially – small businesses in front of new challenges that cannot be met using models and strategies of the past.

So, there is a need to understand the implications of these changes by developing new business models, creating new skills, and integrating activities in an ecosystem context.

This volume collects stories of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in digital transformation processes being not only a collection of case studies, but also a stimulating read for entrepreneurs interested in untangling an increasingly complex landscape to remain competitive.

The topics of the book

Digital transformation and the “future of work.” New scenarios and perspectives

  • Learning challenges for Onlife companies
  • Person(lity) at the centre of transformation: the great challenge of digital, between technology and skills development
  • HeadQuarter Village: The Best Place to Smartwork

Digital transformation and open innovation. Ecosystem-based collaboration

  • Organizations are not islands. So are not the people who are part of it
  • Speed up the future: the partnership between Gellify and Poggipolini
  • Management Consulting SMEs and Open Innovation: the YOUAGILE case
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerators of Digital Transformation: Kode and the role of the advisor
  • Law firm as an innovative tech law hub

Digital transformation: Fintech, private equity and corporate venture capital

  • New markets and new monetization models: the use of digital in sports
  • SMEs and Private Equity in the Digital Age
  • Fostering Digital Transformation in Banks and SMEs: the Credemtel case

The voice of the authors

Veronica Marozzo

Veronica Marozzo is a researcher in the Department of Economics at the University of Messina. She received his PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Calabria. Marozzo’s main research interests focus on consumer behaviour with a particular attention to the concepts of product authenticity and sustainability, au-naturel colour and packaging, front-of-package label (FoPL) and product customization, as well as topics related to digital marketing, digital transformation, open innovation and co-creation, innovation in SMEs and entrepreneurship in innovative start-ups. Veronica’s studies take the form of articles in scientific journals, book chapters and presentations at national and international conferences.

In the context in which we find ourselves today, it is clear that digital transformation in enterprises is a process that should be strongly supported in order to remain competitive and to create value.

Therefore, we believe that fostering an appropriate culture toward those approaches that enable SMEs to make the best use of the potential and solutions offered by new digital technologies can be an important support in addressing change.

In this regard, we thought that the best way to promote this culture was to have SMB entrepreneurs tell us about ‘their’ digital transformation to understand what challenges they encountered and, more importantly, how they were addressed and overcome.

Antonio Crupi

Antonio Crupi is a researcher in innovation management at the University of Messina where he works on innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and intellectual property; he is also an Affiliated Researcher at the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.

We believe that it is crucial for meeting the challenges of innovation to increasingly spread the culture of digital transformation, especially for SMEs, which represented a crucial player in our economic system.

Giving a voice to entrepreneurs who actively confront these issues every day, making their strategies known, we hope will help spread greater awareness of the opportunities offered by new digital technologies and, above all, foster the growth of ecosystems based on a type of innovation that looks to a dynamic future for our SMEs and workers.Antonio Crupi

Nicola Del Sarto

Nicola Del Sarto is a researcher at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. His interests focus on small businesses and start-ups and support mechanisms such as incubators, accelerators, and business accelerator programs.

The book stems from the authors’ idea to tell stories of companies that have successfully implemented a digital transformation or were born digital, thus succeeding in seizing the opportunities that this new technological paradigm can offer.

The book has a mainly managerial slant and aims to provide SME managers with interesting insights on how to take advantage of this revolution.Nicola Del Sarto