Volvo Penta and Volvo Trucks: active against workplace violence and discrimination


Volvo, with the participation of Volvo Penta and Volvo Trucks, in collaboration with the association Rea – Reagire alla Violenza (“Reacting to Violence”), organized Mi-Oppongo, a workshop on the prevention of harassment, violence and discrimination in the workplace.

This event at the Volvo Studio in Milan aimed to address sensitive and highly topical issues related to gender inequality and harassment that, still today, too many women have to painfully face on too many occasions; often related to their daily lives, including the pay and hierarchical gaps that, still today, affect most Italian and global companies and workplaces.

A real glossary to recognize harassment and violence in the workplace and paths in schools to educate about legality and respect. This is the #MiOppongo project that the Rea-reacting to violence association has launched with Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta: so that ethical companies can carry out virtuous paths internally and can export externally as testimonials among the new generations, effective tools to prevent gender violence.Lawyer Silvia Belloni, Rea President

A panel to shed the light on the work enviroment issues

Unfortunately, at the dawn of the new millennium, abuse of the weakest is a widely reported current issue. In the conference moderated by journalist Nathania Zevi, illustrating the different keys to interpretation and the issues to be dealt with was a panel full of professionalism, expertise and depth.

workshop for work equity
Workshop Mi Oppongo

A qualified group of speakers who are active in various capacities in this field and who
illustrated the actions to be taken, the behavior to be adopted and the goal to be achieved.

The goal of the day and the commitment of the Swedish multinational is stated in Zevi’s
introductory words:

With you, today, hand in hand, a very important step is taken and I would say not at all taken for granted. Not by chance, perhaps, you from Volvo, with this workshop open a way, in Italy, also because you have in your DNA more than something Scandinavian, a synthesis and a contamination that certainly helps us.Nathania Zevi

Pina Picierno, Vice-President of the European Parliament and co-founder of Rea, Giovanni Dattoli, Managing Director Volvo Trucks Italia, Silvia Belloni, lawyer, president and co-founder of Rea, Paola Cerullo, Lawyer, Lucilla Bottecchia, Psychologist and partner of Wise Growth, Giovanna Badalassi, Economist, Maria Silvia Sacchi, Journalist, Family Business Forum and co-founder of Rea, Domenico Pietropaolo, Local Manager of Volvo Penta Italy talk about a reality in which there is a daily attempt to respond to the violence suffered by many women, with concrete and increasingly shared activities, even in the corporate world.

Prevention of violence against women

Of great interest was the analysis of European policies for the prevention of violence against women with definitions of harassment and violence, crimes and behaviors to be sanctioned, but also a look at the gender economy and new ways of working.

Culture and education, as emphasized by the two managers from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta, are the key starting point for gender respect in the workplace.

Our direction has always been given by the company culture permeated by Swedish culture. Sweden has the culture of respect for people in its DNA.Giovanni Dattoli, Managing Director Volvo Trucks Italy
workshop of equity by Volvo and Rea-reagire
From the left: Maria Silvia Sacchi, Giornalista, Family Business Forum e cofondatrice di Rea; Lucilla Bottecchia, Psicologa e partner di Wise Growth; Domenico Pietropaolo, Local Manager Volvo Penta, Silvia Belloni, avvocata, presidente e cofondatrice di Rea, Massimo Luksch, Human Resources Director Volvo Trucks Italia, Giovanna Badalassi, Economista, Paola Cerullo, Avvocata, Giovanni Dattoli, Managing Director Volvo Trucks Italia.

Volvo equality standards

Volvo Trucks concretely applies these equality standards starting with its recruiting policies.

Our recruiting policies are clear, in the final short list of selections the two genders must always be 50% represented. Moreover, for certain jobs it is very difficult to find women in the labor market, an almost impossible mission when it comes to mechanic professionalism. The effort we are making is communication and promotion of this profession, including through partnerships with technical schools. On the other hand, for other positions even though it is difficult to find the skills sought in the female gender, we put pressure on our recruiters to look for the right profiles in the market.Giovanni Dattoli

Not surprisingly, Volvo already in 2019 ranked fourth in the “Great Place to Work” for women.

rea association
Giovanni Dattoli

Domenico Pietropaolo, Local Manager of Volvo Penta Italy also confirms:

Proudly we are part of a company that on a daily basis shows great sensitivity to certain issues without, however, emphasizing any kind of gender-related issue, speaking specifically about Volvo Penta, the great results of the last few years prove it, and we are talking about a company where the president is Hellen Mellquist, and numerous apex positions are manned by female colleagues with extraordinary track records and results.

Volvo’s code of ethics

Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta with different projects but a common DNA are united in the fight against violence and gender discrimination, so the collaboration with Rea-reacting to violence in this event is just a confirmation of how much commitment and dedication the Swedish company devotes to equal opportunities. Violence against women is a phenomenon that is difficult to measure because it is largely undeclared.

This workshop invites us to the table of diversity, which must also become the table of inclusion. In our mission we live daily a deep collaboration between us and society. We want to share certain virtuosities that we internalize on a daily basis, with the society in which we live to extend benefits and awareness to every individual.Giovanni Dattoli
volvo workshop

Volvo is a company accustomed to having equality as a value and with a strict code of ethics; both Volvo managers stress the importance of investing in projects also dedicated to training young people.

Numerous activities Volvo carries out to align languages and thoughts on these issues. Such these activities are not only aimed at today’s colleagues, but we wish to share Volvo’s philosophy with tomorrow’s workers, who are in school desks today. With this project we are also promoting our corporate culture in schools. Indeed, it is important to share the company’s vision and export it outside our walls. For this reason, together with the Rea association, we will implement other initiatives that will involve students. Such as the pilot project that will start at the Parini high school in Milan in October , in which two lawyers in two meetings with pupils will explain what constitutes a crime, the culture of respect, the weight of the words used… In this way, the issue becomes known and spreads: it also transfers to young people through social media and thus becomes general. This is why training and educating becomes very important: it is the way to prevent certain behaviors from being repeated especially among young people who will be the adults of tomorrow.Domenico Pietropaolo, Local Managerdi Volvo Penta

REA-reacting to violence is a third sector association ( that
promotes information and awareness-raising activities to prevent violence against women and minors.