Linak electric actuators: hyperconnection and sustainability on boats and yachts

Pontoon boat

In the latest generation of digital yachts and boats of the present time and the future, LINAK gives an important input with its electric actuators.

These solutions are designed to be integrated into a boat to regulate elements such as engine doors, skylights, ergonomic seats for driver’s seats and passenger seats, bathing platforms and more.

Among their main features stand out high reliability even to environments with very unfavorable conditions: every LINAK actuator that leaves the production area is subjected to a series of strict tests that guarantee endurance to the most difficult conditions at sea.

Environmental sustainability in boating: a zero-impact future
In addition, in a context of light and eco-friendly boats and yachts, LINAK proposes itself with its easy-to-insert movements and adjustments.

The company’s actuators are durable and ensure smooth movement for many onboard applications, even in space-constrained sections of the boat.

Whether you want to adjust a folding roof, radar arc, lift hatches or lower the stern platform, LINAK offers reliable and versatile solutions that are easy to integrate into any sustainable design.

Also, Electric actuators have low standby power consumption, which means they experience less wear when not in use and last a long time.

Finally, LINAK systems work flawlessly for years, even without scheduled maintenance.