Inflatable boating by EDR Marine


Sups, pools, platforms, kayaks, foil boards… EDR Marine‘s product catalog is extensive and customizable. Designed and tested in Italy and made in China, they use materials that are excellent in strength and lightness

EDR Marine is an offshoot born in 2018 from EDR Fittings, a company specializing in the production of custom-made precision mechanical components for the nautical world, designed in Italy and manufactured by selected Chinese and Indian companies.

EDR Marine’s products (notably, inflatables) are appreciated for their practicality, functionality, and versatility; they are easy to handle, once deflated take up little space, and are suitable for both small boats and superyachts or simply for water sports.

EDR Marine Products

With EDR Inflatable’s pools and platforms, space on board is amplified: in addition to jet skis and tenders, sups, kayaks, and inflatable foil boards can be moored to its docks.

Moreover, its pools, platforms, and docks are modular and expandable over time, allowing for “extra space” in the sea.

The items in the catalog are complemented by customized ones, which are especially in demand by superyachts, bathing establishments, theme parks, etc. EDR Marine also makes professional platforms intended for shipyards.

Depending on the product and its characteristics, EDR Marine uses different materials: from Tarpaulin 28 PVC tarpaulin and drop stitch for swimming pools, to drop stitch PVC double layer for sups; from 0.9 mm Tarpaulin PVC for towables, to drop stitch with PVC core with double layer for docks, etc.



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