Shaping the Future of Onboard Operations: ICEL’s Role in Maritime Service 4.0.


In the new era of Industry 4.0, ICEL is steering a transformative change in the maritime sector with PanelGest, a platform that fuses Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D technologies to empower maritime service operations.

PanelGest is able to provide an insightful overview into your fleet’s electrical switchboard models (e.g. PowerCenter, Motor Control Center, etc.), their types (e.g., Low Voltage or Medium Voltage), and the status of ongoing maintenance activities.

PanelGest Platform, insights on the fleet’s electrical switchboards

Electrical and mechanical data just a click away

With PanelGest, every electrical switchboard becomes accessible at a click. High-resolution images allow you to familiarize yourself with each asset as if it were right beside you.

A plethora of electrical and mechanical data is now readily accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.

Crucial details such as nominal voltage, short-circuit current, current for internal arc resistance, internal protection degree, and more, are neatly organized and easily consulted.

PanelGest Platform, overview general data of a low voltage electrical switchboard.
Gathering detailed, dynamic data with PanelGest
PanelGest offers an opportunity to gather detailed, dynamic data on your electrical systems and key components, such as circuit-breakers.

Critical parameters are recorded, including temperature measurements on circuit-breaker poles, insulation resistance of the general panel or individual circuit-breaker, and the number of mechanical manoeuvre performed by circuit-breakers.

An IoT stack comprised of various sensors installable onboard allow real-time monitoring of electrical panels and systems’ conditions, catching variables like busbar temperature, partial discharges, and humidity.

An embedded AI model allows PanelGest to adapt to the conditions of the electrical system, gauge its age, and adjust the critical values accordingly. For example, this AI can predict the partial discharge level over time, enabling predictive maintenance planning and further enhancing operational efficiency.

PanelGest Platform, data on temperature measured at circuit-breakers’ poles

Real-time visualization of the ship’s systems

Harnessing the capabilities of PanelGest, ICEL equips its expert personnel to offer premier onboard services, facilitating remote maintenance and inspections, thereby playing a pivotal role in the Maritime Service 4.0 revolution.

ICEL’s onboard intervention employs an augmented headset – armed with a microphone and video camera – enabling our experts to guide remote maintenance and inspections.

This ground-breaking tool enables real-time visualization of the ship’s systems, allowing for remote analysis, guidance, and inspection. A handheld thermographic camera supports this operation, enabling the identification of potential faults or anomalies in real-time.

Moreover, ICEL raises the bar higher by using advanced 3D scanning techniques for mapping the surrounding environment.
This technique empowers ICEL to comprehend the existing electrical layout thoroughly, and thus propose optimized redesigns for new electrical equipment or cost-effective revamping solutions.

ICEL Info & Contacts

With almost 90 years of experience, ICEL has become a prominent player in the maritime sector. Their exemplary service in providing electrical switchboard and shore connection solutions to an array of noteworthy shipowners attests to their credibility and innovation. Among these P&O Cruises, Cunard Line, Costa Crociere, Holland America Line, and Disney Cruise Line.


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