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MECSPE 2024: towards human-centered Industry 5.0

mecspe 2024

From 6 to 8 March at BolognaFiere, Mecspe 2024 will offer a three-day full immersion in innovation, sustainability and training.

After the Bari event in November 2023, the manufacturing industry will once again take centre stage with MECSPE from 6 to 8 March 2024 in the halls of BolognaFiere.

A return after the success of the last Bologna edition that saw the participation of more than two thousand exhibiting companies and nearly 60 thousand visitors (+52 percent over 2022).

Added to this is an unprecedented level of satisfaction, with more than three-quarters of visitors satisfied with the networking opportunities and the chance to catch up on the latest technologies in manufacturing.

Over the years, this event has become increasingly international, given Italy’s role on the European and world scene and thanks to the presence at the fair of buyers from all countries of the world.

According to ISTAT (Italy’s National Institute for Statistics), our country, along with Germany, has a production system with a strong manufacturing vocation, and more than one-third of the added value produced by companies operating in industry and services comes from this sector.

Export plays a major role: except for micro-enterprises, more than 50 percent of small businesses are active in foreign markets, a figure that exceeds 90 percent for medium to large enterprises.

Germany, the United States, France and Spain, are confirmed as among our country’s main trading partners.

This is the backdrop for the 22nd edition of MECSPE, an event that will have an even more global outlook to guide Italian companies on their national and international growth path.

A three-day expo where entrepreneurs will have a direct andimmersiveexperience with the world of manufacturing, thanks to an exhibition and demonstration route to address the pillars of modern industry: innovation, training, and sustainability.

A journey that will propel visitors and exhibitors toward an increasingly 5.0 and human-centered industry.

The Exhibition Heart of MECSPE 2024

The 2024 edition will have the new Heart Exhibition Energy Transition & Sustainability in the Manufacturing Industry as its central focus, dedicated to issues that entrepreneurs are particularly sensitive to, especially at this historic moment.

An area where issues affecting mobility, the manufacturing industry, and the hydrogen supply chain will be explored in depth, with demonstration stations, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and moments of discussion.

Through best practices and successful case histories, technology and market experts will illustrate the challenges facing the industry in the run-up to 2035 (stop of thermal engine registrations), the impact that sustainable mobility has and will increasingly have on the supply chain, and the measures that can be taken.

In addition, many celebrated events that have made MECSPE a benchmark for the industry will return, such as the TMP Square, the Planning and Design Square, and the Startup Factory, initiatives where different players in the industry can get involved to present their projects or attend learning moments.

Throughout this journey, innovation and training will be the soul of many initiatives, confirming MECSPE’s role as a guide also for the new generations and for a new way of doing business, more suitable for young people and above all environment-friendly.

mecspe 2024

It is precisely the theme of sustainability that will be emphasized during the three days thanks to the Sustainability Goal Path (evolution of the EcoFriendly Path), an initiative designed to give visibility and reward exhibitors who have already embarked on a path of sustainability, in its three declinations—environmental, social and governance.

A direction, the sustainable one, in line with the values of Senaf, the company that organizes MECSPE and has been promoting specialized trade fairs, thematic trade shows, and congresses for more than 30 years.

In 2023, Senaf obtained the ISO 20121 certification to create and provide a sustainability management system for live events, evaluating and monitoring all the processes that are required for the holding of an event in compliance with social and economic sustainability parameters.

In addition, the collaboration with the main industry associations that have supported MECSPE in recent years continues, including Ascomut, Aidam, Confimi, Comet, Confapi, and Confartigianato, with their respective “Villages”, and CNA Produzione, helping organizers develop an innovative and sustainable business culture.

Facts and figures of MECSPE 2023

59,845 visitors operating in the trade sector (+52 percent compared with 2022), 92,000 sq m of exhibition space, 2,000 companies present, 2,034 sq m of the Heart Exhibition ‘Energy Transition and Mobility of the Future’, and 20 special initiatives.