3D printing on wooden nautical elements with Mimma Moda & Stratasys


Mimma Moda, a reality from Foligno (Perugia) specializing in tailoring and embroidery for brands in the clothing sector, combines a technical approach with innovation, the aesthetic component and the so-called “WOW effect.”

It recently entered the nautical world and, thanks to a contact with Yachtline 1618 which makes yacht interiors, discovered the industry’s interest in new ways of decorating and customizing boat interiors. But how?

3D printing on wood

Constantly looking for new solutions and technologies, Mimma Moda thought a further development could come from 3D printing.

The company took advantage of the J850 TechStyle 3D printer from Stratasys, distributed by Energy Group, to decorate some wooden nautical elements with three-dimensional textures.

We approached Energy Group as we were interested in Stratasys technologies, particularly the potential of the J850 TechStyle 3D printer, which ensures shapes and colors comparable to those of a digital print, but with the added element of three-dimensionality.

It is not a glued decoration, but rather an integral part of the substrate on which it is deposited. There is an interpenetration between the surface layers of the solid material and the printed resins.Matteo Sammaciccia, Managing Director of Mimma Moda

Read the full article in the February issue of Nautech!

TechStyle's J850 3D printer: complex decorations on different materials

TechStyle’s J850 3D printer leverages 3D Fashion technology, a solution for the textile industry that enables 3D printing directly on fabric, meeting strict sustainability standards in terms of process and materials.

It is capable of applying an unlimited amount of digital, flexible-to-touch materials, a variety of textures and colors to cotton, polyester, linen, blended fabrics and other substrates.

The effective print area of 460x360x50 mm is ideal for handling even the most complex decorations. Great care has been taken in the choice of substrates (soluble or removable with a simple water jet), for processes that look increasingly toward sustainability.