Sanlorenzo has chosen Ampermarine’s miniWUWLED


Sanlorenzo is pleased to introduce you to the innovative underwater spotlights by Ampermarine – a company expanding in the naval sector and already a leader in electronics and lighting.

The WULED and miniWULED LEDs emit light wirelessly, with the advantage of being installable directly on the hull without the need for drilling: the energy required to emit light outside the hull is transferred thanks to electromagnetic field coupling technology.

Additionally, the spotlights are designed to prevent overheating, and being made of advanced plastic materials, they avoid the typical oxidation risk of metal lights. Recognized as an innovative product in 2022, Ampermarine’s LEDs can be an excellent solution for new Sanlorenzo boats, as well as for retrofitting.

Wireless Power Transfer Wireless Underwater Light for non-metallic hulls. The epitome of technology and innovation in a product that ushers marine underwater lighting into a new era.

This powerful spotlight can be easily installed without drilling into the hull, preserving boat integrity and eliminating the risk of cracks and water infiltrations.

miniWUWLED transmits energy through a non-metallic wall using futuristic “Wireless Energy Transfer” technology. With about 80% efficiency at a maximum distance of 40mm, it can manage up to 12W of LED power via remote drivers.

Transmitted energy remains constant at different distances thanks to our patented automatic power management system, which continuously calculates and applies settings to the miniWUWLED. A guarantee of technical perfection.

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