Maximize comfort and efficiency: introducing SINTESI motorised valves


SINTESI is a motorised valve by Comparato with interesting features regarding the management of the temperature on board and the control of domestic water: targeted temperature management, Maximum comfort in the cabin room is guaranteed.

Its dimensions are extremely compact, the fast push connection and the ball valves with caps and tangs make the installation faster; moreover, noise levels during the operations are really low. In order to facilitate the choice of the control, Comparato has the “ALL IN ONE” option: a selector on the cover allowing the user to set either a 2-point or a 3-point control for ON/OFF or modulating functioning.

SINTESI actuators have an IP54 class protection and are double insulated electrical devices; operating times vary from 15 seconds up to 120 seconds. An arrow on the cover indicates the position, an extremely useful information in case of modulation.

Either 2-way and 3-way diverting/mixing full bore ball valves are available from ½” to 1” and versions with disc for the selection of the kvs (up to 2”). The range is completed by SINTESI SMART and SINTESI SMART MODBUS, with proportional control, and SINTESI DC, with direct current.

SINTESI SMART is the actuator with proportional control (powered-on piloting or current mode piloting) for modern heating and cooling plants. Thanks to its particular features, it represents a response to the demand of a more precise regulation reliable over the time; thanks to its “smart” heart, it can be used in all applications needing a flow mixing or partialization.

SINTESI SMART MODBUS is the version which can be controlled through a field bus in applications such as domotic systems of last generation. Characterised by extremely compact dimensions, it is available with either 24V AC/DC or 230V AC and it can be coupled with 2-way/3-way ball valves (size ½”, ¾”, 1”).

SINTESI DC is the actuated valve with 12V and 24V DC power supply, suitable for use in heating/cooling plants (HVAC-R), domestic water plants, and automation and nautical plants.

Its point of strengths are the compact dimensions, the position indicator, the micro switch in the opening phase, and the tool-free fast push connection to the ball valve.

SINTESI DC is available with 2-way, 3-way, and by-pass ball valves from ½” up to 1” with different operating times (30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 120 seconds).

Thanks to the integrated position controller, SINTESI DC is also available with 6-way valves for four-pipe plants (fan coils) with a 3-position functioning (0°-45°-90°): with this particular setting, the actuator can stay at one of the three positions (boiler – closing 45° – chiller 90°) with a simple digital control.