AB Yachts: redefining luxury and performance on the high seas


AB Yachts specializes in high-performance, adrenaline-inducing semicustom yachts crafted with composite materials and advanced hydrojet propulsion systems.

Their latest offering, the AB120 Beach, epitomizes their commitment to speed, maneuverability, comfort, and safety. As part of the Next Yacht Group, AB Yachts continues to innovate, with recent launches including the AB100 Elegance and plans for the AB110 tailored for the American market. CEO Gennaro Candida De Matteo underscores performance as the cornerstone of AB Yachts’ identity.

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The creation of a fast yacht, particularly an AB yacht, is the result of a careful combination of elements called the “naval platform.” This platform includes hydrodynamics, material selection, and propulsion, aiming to achieve high performance while ensuring comfort and safety.

Gennaro Candida De Matteo, AB Yachts CEO.

Through virtual phases like CFD analysis and weight control, along with 30 years of experience, AB Yachts achieves a balance between performance and comfort, focusing on reducing weight and drag while enhancing onboard enjoyment. In terms of production, AB Yachts utilizes an optimal blend of fiberglass, carbon, and Kevlar, with a focus on flexibility, structural integrity, and weight optimization.

The construction process employs techniques such as infusion or hand lay-up depending on the product’s modularity and regulatory requirements. The choice of hydrojet propulsion not only enhances performance but also optimizes onboard space by relocating the engine room astern. This trend towards compact engine rooms benefits the owner and guests, as demonstrated in the AB100 model, where the garage seamlessly integrates with the engine room, maximizing available space.

Efficient management of tender and toy storage is achieved through innovative solutions like the “pantograph” platform, ensuring rapid deployment. Creating versatile and spacious common areas on the main deck is crucial for boats without extensive space, fostering connectivity between interior and exterior spaces.

Glass plays a pivotal role in yacht design, offering integration with the surroundings and enhancing natural light. AB Yachts explores the evolving role of glass, incorporating ultralight variants with integrated features like photovoltaic cells and XIR filters for energy efficiency and comfort optimization.

Looking ahead, AB Yachts is already developing the next generation of boats, with the AB110 set for launch in the autumn for the American market, followed by the AB95 and AB125 in subsequent years, marking a progression in style and innovation.

AB100 Elegance

The AB100 Elegance stands out not only for its exceptional performance but also for its innovative design, versatility, and distinctive AB Yachts style. Spanning 30.5 meters overall, this two-deck semicustom yacht with a flybridge optimizes both interior and exterior spaces, setting new trends in the industry.

Introduced at the 2022 shows, the AB100 Elegance reaffirms the enduring success of a model that has continuously evolved since its debut in 2016.

Notably, it marks the debut of architect Marco Casamonti, renowned for his international projects, as the interior decorator. Casamonti, the founder of Archea Associati, now serves as the artistic director of the Next Yacht Group.

Boasting impressive dimensions of 30.5 meters overall and a substantial beam of 6.8 meters, the AB100 Elegance epitomizes AB Yachts’ commitment to blending performance and comfort seamlessly. Powered by three 2000 hp Man engines and MJP hydrojets, it achieves a cruising speed of 45 knots and top speeds exceeding 50 knots, supported by a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer for stability at anchor and underway.

Featuring two decks and a spacious flybridge seamlessly integrated into the superstructure, the yacht’s interior design offers a captivating loft-like saloon on the main deck, providing panoramic views of the sea.

The lower deck accommodates four guest cabins and a galley, with an alternate version featuring the galley on the main deck.

Innovative solutions such as the foldaway door between the cockpit and saloon create a unified indoor-outdoor space connected to the equipped beach area, enhancing versatility and usability. Floor-to-ceiling saloon walls and mirrored glass partitions further amplify the aesthetic appeal while bringing the sea into the living areas.

Constructed with composite materials, both the hull and superstructure ensure durability and performance, with a cruising range of 500 miles. The AB100 Elegance sets a new standard for luxury yachting, combining cutting-edge design, exceptional performance, and unmatched comfort.


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